Sexy Valentine's Games

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sexy Games for Valentine’s Day

Is Valentine’s the sexiest day of the year?
Some will beg to differ describing Valentine’s Day as a highly commercialised farce in order for shops to make more money, restaurants to provide bad service and flower stall to whack up prices… and we agree!
For that reason Censory, who sells cheap lingerie, has put together a compilation in order to bring you the cheapest and easiest ways to fulfil your lover without spending the fortune that you don’t have. Forget the expensive romantic dinners and skip the gifts. Yourselves and a few props are all you need for the best night of your year.
Firstly, lets set the scene. Remove the distractions, ie children, pets, take the phone off the hook. This is YOUR evening. Anyone is a relationship will tell you they are full of trials and tribulations so lets keep this special. For those that are less than body confident a subdued room with a few candles will make them feel sexier which is the name of this game tonight. A nice bottle of wine, or your partners favourite tipple will help dissolve any inhibitions. Now lets get this party started…
Firstly games. Many games can be played with a pack of cards. No not snap and rummy, we are talking whoever gets the lowest dealt hand has to do a sexual favour of the partners choice, or take off an item of clothing. Note to all, take your socks off first, a naked person with socks on is a big turn off! If you want all the gear you can buy the full set of strip poker cards but it really isn’t necessary.
If you have children, grab a board game and adapt the rules to make them sexy. Or if they have a twister mat adapt the rules and get naked! Change numbers of the dice to body parts and actions. … it’s all about what you have at home and imagination. You will never look at that board game the same way again!
Following are a few of our favourites suggested by our loyal followers and customers at Censory:
Get your lover to lie on their stomach and write, with your finger, sexual favours on their back. If they can guess what you write let them have their wicked way with you, or let them request a sexual favour. These are your rules so apply as necessary.
How about truth or dare. Write sexy questions on pieces of paper and pop them into a bowl. Make sure you mark them with your initials or you may pick your own. Take turns in picking a question and answering. You can find out all sorts about your lover, like their biggest fantasy, what they would love you to wear, or where they would like to have sex.
You can do this also by making the game a wish list of things you have always wanted your partner to try, like different sexual positions, places etc. Agree before hand that you will try anything once. Who knows it may become your favourite!
OK, so we probably all know some of the foods of love which make great games even better. For example whipped cream and chocolate for those with a sweet and sexy tooth. Food can be a great additive to any sexy game as it stimulates the senses, (excuse the pun). Take the cream and chocolate to the shower to wash each other down afterwards. It all makes for nice clean fun! Mint is a great one for men, they just love the cooling sensation. Or ice cubes for women… although not recommended for men.
Drinking games, when kept under control, can be a fun way to alleviate any inhibitions and make your night sexier. Prior to your evening make sure you get a rough idea of what drinks to include as some may not mix well when drunk together. Drink responsibly, you want to enjoy your evening not end up with your partners head over the toilet bowl! That is not sexy… (lecture over). Include role playing or sexy costumes to spice up your night.
Also for soft drinks, try placing a drink in your mouth and transferring it to your partners mouth for them to guess the flavour. Fruit juices work particularly well for this. Guaranteed to get your tongues rolling and lips smacking in no time!
Last but not least is eating your foods like body parts. Lick and suck a banana to drive him wild, or tantalise a strawberry to get her excited. Cover the food in chocolate or cream and feed it to each other, showing each other what will be coming for dessert. Use your imagination, food it not only to be eaten.
We hope we have helped to spice up your Valentine’s evening at a fraction of the cost, and with twice as much fun. Any further thoughts or ideas for games and foods please suggest below.
Have a very sexy evening everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!